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Ring Stacker - Multicolored
Ring Stacker - Multicolored

SABO Concept

Ring Stacker - Multicolored


Wooden ring stacker toy Stacking toy Baby gift Stacking rings eco toys for kids present

Ring stacker toy is a must for kids. It helps to develop coordination and fine motor skills. With its help children learn sizes and notions "bigger" / "smaller", "under" / "above", "higher" / "lower" etc.

Playing with stacking rings is fun: kids build towers, roll them and catch (helps to develope reaction), use as templates for drawing circles. Also, children use them in imaginative play: rings can be islands, paths, boats, plates, wheels or anything they will imagine.

We chose muted earthy colours for children to understand the beauty and complexity of the world - it is not limited by green, yellow, blue and red. It is wider. It is deeper.

Made in Ukraine