Cranberry Body Wash


Cranberry Body Wash


Indulge your skin with our holiday exclusive Cranberry Seed Oil Prebiotic Body Cleanse

This high-grade, cold-pressed Cranberry seed oil contains a variety of nutrients and compounds that provide incredible benefits to the skin.

Benefits of Cranberry Body Cleanse:

 * The perfect balance of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 allows this healing oil maximum absorption into the skin. 

 * Nourish dry, rough, or aging skin with potent antioxidants and prebiotic ingredients. 

 * Restore your skin microbiome and allow your skin to heal itself from the inside out. 

Cranberry Body Cleanse is:

 * 100% natural and organic 

 * Non-toxic and GMO-free 

 * Chemical-and paraben-free 

 * Environmentally-friendly 

 * Free of all artificial fragrances and dyes 

 * Safe for everyone in the family, even baby 

 * Always cruelty-free