Aria Infant Car Seat Base


Aria Infant Car Seat Base


Aria Accessory Base - Key Features:

  • Safety Aria incorporates advanced safety features like the

    load leg and anti-rebound + panel, consumers can feel good in their decision to not only opt for a lightweight seat but also prioritize safety.

  • Ease of Install SmartSecure System with red-to-green visual indicator, installs in seconds.

    Aria Accessory Base - Additional Features:

    • Load leg for increased safety & reduction in head/neck injury

    • Anti-Rebound+ Panel for increased safety in rebound & rear-impact collisions

    • SMARTSecure® System installs in seconds. Red-to-green tightness indicator

    • Built-in lock off for secure seatbelt installation

    • Bubble level indicators on both sides to aid in getting correct angle during installation. Specific angle for the infant inlay range.

    • Streamlined,low-profilebasewithfinishedbottom

    • Four-position adjustable foot to accommodate various car seat angles