Wooden Blocks - Sunset
Wooden Blocks - Sunset
Wooden Blocks - Sunset
Wooden Blocks - Sunset

SABO Concept

Wooden Blocks - Sunset


Wooden blocks set multicoloured toy for children cubes handmade eco building blocks set earth colors

Wooden coloured blocks set is essential toy for a kid. Playing with it, first of all kids develop fine motor skills by holding cubes in hands, turning them around, learning shape and how it feels to touch. Withtime, children start building towers with blocks: it helps to develop and improve coordination skills.

What can you do with blocks:

- learn colours and shades

- learn numbers and counting (addition and subtraction)

- play memory games

- play attention games

- use them for imaginative games when combining with other favouritу toys.

We chose muted earthy colours for children to understand the beauty and complexity of the world - it is not limited by green, yellow, blue and red.

Made in Ukraine