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Goop On the Go


The fix is in for your skin! Our all good goop on the go is still the usual head-to-toe hydration and good vibrations you know and love - now in an ultra-portable aluminum tube. From the original, handcrafted balm that we whipped up in our kitchen a million years ago – comes this equal parts all-purpose ointment & moisturizing miracle salve.

Benefits of our skin recovery balm:

•usda certified organic skincare

•durable and portable aluminum tube

•perfect for all types of damaged skin (including sensitive skin…ahhh)

•relieves (and prevents) itchy & dry skin

•lightweight & non-greasy

Uses: cuts, scrapes, abrasions, minor burns, sunburns, insect bites, stings, dry and irritated skin, itchy eczema, chapped lips, cracked cuticles, diaper rash, blisters, cracked or calloused hands, scars, booboos (great for kids & animals!). 

Why we love all good goop: easy on sensitive skin, plant-based skincare, hypoallergenic, nighttime moisturizer, not too oily, non-toxic, etc etc!